I’m Justin Kim~

UX designer and writer (on the side).

I love to create memorably playful experiences using human-centered design principles.

Recently graduated from UCSD for cognitive science and looking for full-time UX/UI opportunities.

Currently working at Altum on the Jenni AI platform~


Blue Jenni logo on white background

Jenni.ai is an innovative content writing service that utilizes AI capabilities and human ingenuity.

  • UX and UI Design, User Research
  • UCSD Global Ties: Diabeatit

    diabeatit screenshot

    Diabeatit is an educational health game tablet app aiming to teach children about diabetes.

  • UX and UI Design
  • Power Trip UCSD

    power trip ucsd screenshot in browser

    Power Trip UCSD is a satirical interactive fiction (IF) game about abusing your power as UCSD’s latest chancellor.

  • Front-End Development, UX Design, Game Development
  • FeetFit Kiosk

    Feetfit app screenshot in tablet

    FeetFit is a point of purchase (POP) shoe kiosk made for UCSD’s Prototyping studio that aims to accurately measure users’ feet and quickly deliver the right shoes.

  • UX and Graphic Design
  • Collaborative Guidebook

    Guidebook pages

    The Collaborative Guidebook is a bridge for differing expertise between designers and developers by aligning their goals in an intimate setting.

  • UX Design, User Research, Ethnography
  • Come Together

    come together screenshot in phone

    Come Together is an app for community empowerment via crowd-sourcing that addresses difficulties with fixing problems in local neighborhoods.

  • UX and UI Design
  • Design For America: The Buddy Book

    handbook cover

    The Buddy Book is a handbook for helping K–12 refugee students in San Diego integrate into American life by giving a list of fun and helpful activities they can do together.

  • UX and Graphic Design
  • ?. How I Made This Website

    A post-mortem in code;
    Git pushing soon;

  • UX Design, UI Design, Web Design
  • ?. Personal Website Capstone for Public Rhetoric

    Coming soon to a portfolio near you! 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)

  • Web Design, UI Design, Personal Branding