I love to entertain, and I hope you have fun reading these stories as much as I had fun writing them.


Fire Emblem Heroes: Revived Devotion (Paralogue)

The Day of Devotion is a time to celebrate one’s loved ones. But when an enemy army attacks and an estranged father returns, a young queen must face these threats along with a potential breakup.

A speculative script I made for fun about one of my favorite mobile games (giving my girl Sheena the attention she deserves 😤). Writing this taught me the struggles of a limited format.


The Egg Family

Three dysfunctional siblings gather at their grandmother’s deathbed. But can they patch things up before everyone gets eaten?

My final play for an intro to playwriting class at UCSD. Intergenerational trauma, grief, and Korean mask dancing inspired this personal piece.


When bellies are bursting and Asians are eating, no one wants the last piece. But wasting food is a no-no, and someone has to eat it or face dishonoring their ancestors.

This goes out to all the peeps who feel unwanted in their lives 😢. It really feel like that sometimes.

Flower Child in the Dark

A stiff and a hippie’s worlds collide as they approach the social line between men and women. Can their love blossom?

This scene was inspired by the trouble two differing personalities can have communicating. It’s fascinating to see how two very different people can still connect in the most unexpected ways. Also I like flowers.